Hello, my name is Ach Rozikin.

Welcome to my second Home!

My childhood dream is to be a scientist who loves to experiment. And now I'm a programmer who can experiment and try something with coding.

What I Do?

I like to try some different technology. Some technology is something I must use to make my work easier, not to close the possibility that I will try new tools to make me more productive.
Daily Driven :
Code Editor : Visual Studio Code
Operating System : macOs Ubuntu Windows 10
Version Control System : Bitbucket Git Github
Things i have done with :
Desktop Programming : .NET Java
Web Programming : ASP.Net
Things I want to try : Many things!
Age :

I Create Something!

Sometime i create something. Maybe little bit, not much. Here is some.

Meet Life

Life. A simple complex to do list to organize your life needs. Life has been placed as 7th favourite site at Recloud Challenge Indonesia.

Say Hi!

Let's have a chit-chat and talking about the things that we can do together.