Hello, my name is Ach Rozikin.

Welcome to my second Home!

My childhood dream is to be a scientist who loves to experiment. And now I'm a programmer who can experiment and try something with coding.

What I Do?

I like to try some different technology. Some technology is something I must use to make my work easier, not to close the possibility that I will try new tools to make me more productive.
Daily Driven :
Code Editor : Visual Studio Code
Docker : Compose Container
Operating System : macOs Ubuntu Windows 10
Version Control System : Bitbucket Git Github
Things i have done with :
Desktop Programming : .NET Java
Web Programming : ASP.Net
Things I want to try : Many things!
Age :

I Create Something!

Sometime i create something. Maybe little bit, not much. Here is some.

Meet Life

Life. A simple complex to do list to organize your life needs. Life has been placed as 7th favourite site at Recloud Challenge Indonesia. Featured on Alibaba Cloud Blog

Say Hi!

Let's have a chit-chat and talking about the things that we can do together.